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The Place Which is No More

The Place Which is No More
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This is safe space for kylenne's various head people to work out their issues, or just be silly. It'll also be used for general metaphysical talk.

Siranoire is the Mithrandic Elven term for the Place Which is No More, a crossroads of sorts in my 'verse. It is and it is not. It was and it was not. The Place Between the Worlds, where souls gather, rest, and share their knowledge.
angst, cleo wallace, cloud strife, darkness, deadbeat musicians, drag queens, drow, eilistraee, emo, goths, grimoire valentine, gypsies, head people, ilivarra de'camyras, kain highwind, kariza de'camyras, kiros seagill loire, muses, priestesses, rinoa heartilly, setzer gabbiani, shi'nayne t'sarran, soldiers, sorcerers, sorcery, sydney losstarot, the dark, veldrin arabani, venting, vincent valentine